Saturday, August 30, 2008

PEI, goodbye

View from the chalet

Windsurfing overall- I windsurfed 8 out of 13 days, (1 of those was non-planing), 3 were fantastic (days 4, 11, 12). It sure beats August in New England!

Photography overall- I didn't have great luck with the beautiful island light for my photos. PEI just glows in the late afternoon sun. The red earth shows up everywhere, red dirt roads, red cliffs and dunes, red borders to the farms. All this is accented by the blue ocean and sky and patchwork fields of green and gold, and it all takes on a rosy hue as sunset approaches. But it seemed like most of the times that a shot presented itself it was cloudy or rainy or in the middle of the day. I got plenty of O.K. shots but few that really capture the unique colors of the island.

No Joshing- I missed Josh, lover of all things boating and saltwater. This was our first vacation without him. I guess this is a preview of some of the empty nester feelings to come.

Drive- We made it back to Boston in about 12 hours, including 2 stops for food and stretching our bodies. We may have overlooked a few speed limit signs..