Friday, August 29, 2008

PEI, day 13, windsurfed, NE 12-20?, 6.2/Acid94, solo

Last Session- It was windy last night! It sounded like the roof was going to blow off. I got up at sunrise to squeeze in 1 last session back at the bay entrance. I obeyed the rule of diminishing wind; don't go to the outside break in dieing wind with an outgoing tide. The inside waves had too much wind shadow from the dunes, so I went upwind and up current, into the bay. I sailed over the big flats across from the fish pier, knee deep water, decent wind. Then I said goodbye to one of the prettiest windsurfing spots that I've sailed.

Surf Advisory- I was chatting with a surfer at a gas station tonight. He said that PEI doesn't get much ridable surf. Apparently, the Magdellan Islands and Novia Scotia get better swell. I had noticed that the waves have been floppy, not really surfing waves. They were big enough, but not shaped right. They're still great for windsurfing though, especially jumping, easy to get out through. I know that many people here are very wary of the waves. The north shore has some special roped in swimming areas because it frequently gets surf and people have died from the rip tides.

Top Picture- A channel marker bouy washed up overnight. The opening to the ocean is in the background of the picture, old wharf on the right side.

Bottom picture- Closer look at the old wharf and waves.