Sunday, August 24, 2008

PEI, day 8, windsurfed, 10-25?, SW, 6.8/Hyper-tech, 6.2/RW 94, solo

Camping- Ben and I enjoyed a spectacular sunrise on the dunes! It had been pretty windy during the night. We had to close up the tent vent that faced the wind to keep out blowing sand but otherwise it was fine. We both slept like lambs. In the morning there were some fresh drifts of sand on the dunes. If we stepped into the drifts we would sink almost to our knees. Camping on the dunes with Ben was definitely one of the highlights of the vacation so far.

Windsurfing- I got some sailing in with low water in the bay, walking out past the sandbar. Barbara & Ben held off because the sailing is less user friendly when we can't sail over the flats.

Baseball & Biking- We did an afternoon baseball practise at the local baseball diamond. We took Barbara's bike along so she could ride back with a 25 mph SW tail wind but the wind had dropped to 10-15 by the time we finished baseball and Barbara started back. Those tail winds never seem to work out for biking.