Saturday, August 23, 2008

PEI, day 7, marginal winds

Clammy conditions- I did a few runs on the 6.2, no wetsuit, but the wind was pretty marginal, 10-20, gusty, SW. This was the first day with low water in the bay. The sandbar that we had been sailing over was mostly out of the water, good for clamming. Ben loved digging for steamers! We had a feast of mussels, steamers and snails from the bay, with grilled salmon, (no one ate the snails but me).

Camping- After dinner, Ben and I boated out to the dunes for some camping. We set the tent up pretty high in the dunes, then watched a fiery sunset and chatted about life as the stars bagan to switch on. We both saw a shooting star that seemed close enough to touch. It almost looked like fireworks. Ben said that it was the first one that he's ever seen. That must be a good omen!

Picture- clamming in front of the chalet