Monday, May 27, 2019

Travels with Martha

Memorial Day Weekend- What a beautiful 3 days for boating and exploring Martha's Vineyard! How did I love the long weekend? Let me count the ways.

Had a super easy light wind crossing from Falmouth Sat Morning.
Visited Mytoi Japanese Garden on Chappaquiddick.
Kited at Katama Bay.
Anchored and took the Chappaquiddick ferry to Edgartown for a hot shower and supplies.
Walked most of the Joseph Sylvia State Beach looking for kite launches, found some.
Explored Felix Neck Wildlife Sanctuary by packraft and on foot.
Tied up at the Dinghy dock in Oak Bluffs for a Lobster Roll.
Had a super easy light wind crossing back to Falmouth Monday evening.

Mytoi Japanese Garden
  Friday Night- Falmouth, Eel Pond, off Waquiot Bay, N wind.
  Saturday Night- Edgartown, Chappaquiddick Point, in no wake zone, SW wind.
  Sunday Night- Sengakontacket Pond, Bran Point cove, SW, NW, NE wind.
    Next time- Anywhere around Felix Neck in Sengakontacket Pond, very quiet, pretty.
    Next time- Caleb Pond, off Katama Bay, a few houses but very scenic, not official anchorage?

Shear Pin Rd, Lighthouse Rd, and a fish. This must be Chappaquiddick.
Low Bridges
  Kennedy Bridge on Chappaquiddick- I fit under at dead low only.
  Sengakontacket Pond, Center bridge, (Jaws bridge)- I fit under at dead high or low.
  Sengakontacket Pond, North Bridge- I fit under at dead low only.
    I used to fit under all these bridges but my boat keeps growing, (windshield, roll bar).

Packraft on my roof. Now I don't fit under any bridges.
Motor trouble?
Yeah, it's still not running right.

Sunday, May 19, 2019

Congrats Ben!!!

5/19/19  Ben- It seems like just a few minutes ago you were helping wooly bears cross the street. You were catching tadpoles and falling into vernal ponds. You were a tadpole yourself.

Now you're measuring the electrical potential of stem cells as they differentiate into bone or muscle cells. I don't know exactly what that means but I know that I've loved watching you grow into the miraculous adult version of yourself. Much love to a budding scientist!

Ben Cooper, Bachelors of Science in Biology, Summa Cum Laude, Highest Honers Thesis.