Sunday, April 28, 2019

Chatham, Ups and Downs

4/27/19 Anchored in Stage Harbor- Winds blowing to 30, temp down to 42, no moonlight, patchy clouds and some drizzle. Yay, first night on the water this season.

After the clouds clear, the stars seem to burn extra fiercely in the black night sky. My winter sleeping bag is soft and toasty, perfect for these temps. I had almost forgotten how much I love sleeping on the boat. I'm in one of those, just happy to be alive moments.

Stage Harbor Sunset

That feeling lingers until the next day when I take the motor up to full throttle. It only hits 4400 rpm. The entire top end is gone. Along with my vacation plans to go to Nantucket for a week starting next weekend. I'm not making that trip with an unpredictable motor.

I also discover that the weepy leak on a seam I thought I fixed last year is still crying. Yeah, that about sums up boat ownership. A rapture of stars at night and tears in the morning.