Sunday, April 24, 2016

Franconia Ridge: A Werewolf's Tale

Midnight hike by the light of the silvery moon. Hike 5:30 PM to 1:30 AM, very icy. 

Everybody had practiced their wolf howls for this 2 mile long ridge hike. We make it to the beginning of the ridge, 4800 feet up, but the 40 to 50 MPH winds are howling louder than we are. We abort.

Our werewolf spirit is undiminished. We howl our way down the mountain. I howl myself right to my truck and into my sleeping bag. I sleep the sleep of a tired wolf.


Hiking by Headlamp

Night Hike, Little Haystack. Trip Leaders- Karen Hoagland, Jonathan Niehof, Fred Smith, Ellen Tsai, Keith Watling.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Three in One

I kite. I hike. I kite. Mayflower Beach, East Sandwich Game Farm, Horseneck Beach. Not an extremely restful Sunday. At least I'm not spreading myself too thick.

Mayflower, Kitesurfed, NW, 10-22, 12M Rally/Mako, With Brad, Jean, Frank, Bryan, Others.
E Sandwich Game Farm, Hiked, 3 miles.
Horseneck, Kitesurfed, SW, 18-25, 10M Rally/Mako.

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Windy Sunday

The White Mountain Higher Summits forecast is calling for a mix of sun, clouds, snow,  high temps around zero F, winds 80 to 100 MPH gusting to 125. Nice Spring hiking weather.

Unfortunately,  the hike I'm doing is completely in the trees, and mostly on the lee side of a ridge in NW winds. I'm missing out on all the excitement of hiking in those hurricane force winds. The good news is that I get to stay alive.

The View from Hancock

 Hiked, Mt Hancock, South Hancock, 10 miles, 6.5 hours. Solo.