Sunday, June 24, 2012

Allow Kiteboarding

I spent a few minutes, this morning, hanging out at the First Encounter Beach demonstration. I was trying to look like a respectable citizen and not the degenerate beach bum that I am at heart. Keeping Cape beaches open to kiting is a good cause.  I'm just not sure whether my presence advanced it or set it back.

The wind rewarded me in the afternoon for my brief stint as sidewalk protester. I probably didn't deserved it but it made me happy.

Kitesurfed, Buzzards Bay, SW, SSW, S, 12M Varial/Flx 138, with Brad, Patrick, Murphy, Tom, Chuck.

Video by Dunoyer

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Teaser's Day

Revere- Light, teaser winds for Father's Day. Stupid me.  I forgot to bring my Mad Cow.  The wind was O.K. for those with the right gear, (only Frank & Chris).  My right gear was sitting at home on a rack.  It's tough getting old and senile.  

Kitesurfed, Revere, E, ESE, patchy 6-16, 14M Rally/Mako King & 6' Surfboard, with Igor, Frank, Andre, Colleen, Mike, Stoke, Chris, Kristof, Fred, Dillon, others. 

Picture- Frank, lines, no whitecaps. 

Click on pic to see full size

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Newburyport Harbor

I found wind today! Gusty, shifty wind, in Newburyport Harbor, but good enough for a fix.  Gusts to low 20's.   I expected nothing, launched my 17M, wished I had pumped my 14M.  That's just one of coy wind's many charms.  She loves to keep us guessing.

Newburyport Harbor- 2 hours before low tide to 1 hour after. Lots of mud flats and sand bars to kite around, over and into. I was mostly in waist to ankle deep water. An occasional low rock hiding here and there. No dreamy slicks but a few flat water spots at low tide. Strong current in channels.

Parking- Dirt parking lot on north end of Plum Island sound side, $5, nice smelly bathrooms, no walk, sandy beach big enough for self landing and launching at mid to low tide. 

Plum Island- Newburyport Harbor, Kitesurfed, WNW, NW, 6-23, 17M Zephyr/Mako King, Solo.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Kiting Egypt

Brad and I tried Egypt Beach in Scituate for some clean wind and waviness in a NW wind.  The beach is open to out of towners.  The parking lot is not.  Even on a wild, stormy, ugly day.  "We ticket 365 days a year", the very nice police officer said. We parked elsewhere and walked in.

It was a wild, stormy, beautiful day. I love days like this!  It just feels like something exciting is going to happen.  And it did. I've got the tired muscles to prove it.

Egypt Beach- A high crest of fist size rocks and pebbles with a sand and gravel beach below that disappears at high tide. Mid to low tide has best waves and launch conditions. A somewhat intimidating looking spot but nice wind and waves, (which is very elusive in NW around Boston). 2 surfers were out but there was plenty of room for all.

Pictures- Brad shows how it's done.

Kitesurfed, Egypt Beach, NNW, 17-33, 10M Rally/ Mako 150, with Brad.