Wednesday, August 27, 2008

PEI, day 11, windsurfed, N, 15-30?, 5.2/Acid94, solo

Deep water but The N wind was slightly side-off in front of the chalet creating a small wind shadow and making it hard to sail over the sandbar. Barbara & Ben opted for a hang out day at the chalet. I opted for a cross bay run to the mouth of the bay to get into some waves. Barb & Ben drove over to pick me up in the afternoon when the wind had dropped, saving me hours of shlogging upwind to get back. That's a loving family!

Top picture- riding a gust thru the wind shadow in front of the chalet. The mouth of the bay is past the last dune on the far left in the picture, 3 1/2 miles across.

Windsurfing Heaven! Ever since we started coming here I've wanted to get out sailing in this spot at the mouth of the bay. It was beautiful! 2 curving shores, a variety of sandbars and waves, tide rushing out, wind blowing in, the towering red sand dunes, the remnants of the old wharf out on the beach. I felt like it was my personal windsurfing heaven.

No Crowds- There wasn't another person in sight. This made it seem more wild and unspoiled but it also made me a little nervous about the outgoing tide so I mostly played on the inside waves. As I was stopping 3 kiters came out.

Bottom pictures- sailing in the mouth of the bay. The photos don't capture the feeling of this wild and beautiful spot.