Wednesday, August 20, 2008

PEI, day 4, windsurfed, solo, W,WNW,NW, 20-35?, 5.2 & 4.2 Acid 94

Another windy night and morning but this time the wind stayed up all day. It was a little too cold, windy, drizzly, for Barbara and Ben. They went to town for some back to school shopping. It seemed very quiet on the bay without them, just me, the wind and the water. But the sailing was fantastic! I was on the water for at least 7 hours, chasing my tail. That isn't a sign of youthful-like strength. It's a sign that I was sailing in a protected bay and cove with waist deep sandbars and that, after all the skunky days I've had this season, I couldn't bear to let good wind go to waste. I didn't waste any of it!

Picture- deep water all day meant that I could sail everywhere, including right up to the bank.