Thursday, August 28, 2008

PEI, day 12, windsurfed, NE 15-25?, 5.2 & 6.2/acid94

I got Ben out on the Carve123, pulling him behind the dinghy for some mock water skiing. Light wind kept the water flat. He was standing up for some long runs! Then I derigged and packed up all the sails. We had reservations to go parasailing in the afternoon but it was canceled for high winds. You know what that means.

Windsurfing- I went back to the mouth of the bay. This time I drove. The NE wind was great there!! The shadow from the dunes wasn't as bad as I expected for NE and it was easy to get out past it. The waves were smaller with the side-on wind, maybe chest high on the outside, tide was coming in. Except for the fact that it was mostly deserted it felt pretty safe. I loved the variety; wide point break on the left, beach break on the right upwind of the old pier, breaking swell rolling down the middle of the channel. There was a lot of smooth water in between swells, around sandbars, etc. I did some exploring, tried all the wave breaks, went out past them, sailed upwind of the old pier towards Blooming point. I'm going to be spoiled!

Picture- there is heavy duty mussel farming in most of the bays. PEI mussels are delicious but the bouys can get in the way for windsurfing & boating.