Sunday, January 14, 2018

Shimmy Like Your Life Depends on it

1/14/2018  There was some drama on the mountain today.

As I'm heading up the trail, groups of hikers are coming down saying the stream crossing isn't passable. What!?

The recent rain had melted the ice bridges. There was a downed tree but a hiker had just tried to shimmy across and fallen in. The fast water knocked her over, completely soaking her, and she didn't have a bathing suit on.

As I'm scouting out the crossing, an intrepid hiker approaches, takes one look and shimmies across. Then her friend does the same. That's how you do it. I rearrange my pack to be more waterproof, just in case, and follow. No problem.

I have a beautiful hike. No bathing suit needed.

Note- I'm having some trouble with sore knees, hips and feet after hiking so this might be my last Winter hike for this season. My goal of hiking all 48 of the New Hampshire 4000 footers may be put on hold indefinitely.

Hiked, My Liberty and Mt Flume, 10.5 miles, 0 to 10 Fahrenheit, Solo.