Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Puffer Cheeks

Afterwork session at Yirrell- I didn't have enough time to explore the 5 sisters but I had a lotta fun trying out some board grab jumps at Yirrell. After a few wobbly, kinda successful grabs I realized that I was holding my breath and puffing out my cheeks during the jump. I guess it helps my concentratation to imitate a blowfish. I decided I had better stop before my face got permanently stuck like that.

My chicken loop rope broke at the end of the session, had to swim it in. I was still smiling tho.

Yirrell Beach, Kitesurfed, 12-22, ESE, SE, 13M Octane/ Mako 150, with Brad, Johhny D, Others.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Boston by Bike, Kite, and Paddle

The view from middle sister, looking towards Yirrell Beach and Deer Island

Kite- Dog Beach morning, NNW was very gusty, maybe 5-25 MPH, kites were falling out of the sky at times, still fun to kite, watch Fred hit his double back roll, hang out with Paul, Colleen, Andre, Ben, Flo, others. The wind died in the afternoon but I wasn't ready to call it quits.

Bike- O.K. this is complicated. I suggest skipping it and looking at the pic instead... I left my board at Revere, parked my truck at Yirell, biked back to my board at Revere, locked my bike, paddled to Yirell, drove back to get my bike. The bike ride was 3 miles, took 30 minutes but I hugged the coast, dead ends, stairs and all.

Paddle- This was fun. I love to explore the coast! It took 1 3/4 hours but I was meandering and took a long break on one of the 5 sisters breakwaters. The only bad rocks I saw (for kiting/windsurfing) were off the point where the Seal Harbor hi-rises sit. The area around the sisters was the most interesting. There were lots of gravel bars and tidal ponds, mid tide, also a tiny shoal outside of the 2nd sister where the flat waves would rise up out of nowhere and peak in about 3' of water. Now I want to explore the sisters by kite!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Horsing Around

I had to climb this chair

Afterwork- I got 2 short sessions at Horseneck in between longer sessions of waiting for the wind to return. No complaints though. For a weekday evening, any water time is good time.

Horseneck, Kitesurfed, S, 10-22, 13M Octane/ 6'Surfboard & Mako 150, with Cap'n Bill, Surfer Seth

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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Track Star in the Family

Pursuing Excellence

Track Star-

Not Me, Ben. He went undefeated for his entire 8th grade season, and finished up with 3 more first place wins at the All City Meet, (long jump, 800m, 4 x 100m relay). Way to go Ben!

Cold Track Star-
Today he went to a post season statewide championship and hit a little head wind. He only took 4th place finishes in the 2 events he entered, and it rained like skunks the whole day. He was philosphical about it. He said he didn't mind coming in 4th as much as he minded spending the whole day shivering and squishing around in wet socks. That boy deserves a hot shower and some pasta.

Warm at Winthrop-
Did I kite? Yeah, after the soaking and chilling at Ben's track meet I climbed into my Winter drysuit, got good and toasty, hit the water from 6:30-8:30 in Boston. The waves on the point were tiny. I heard that they were good earlier in the afternoon. Or maybe that's what the other guys always say when they're packing up, "Dude, you shoulda been here a couple a hours ago. It was fantastic!" It's always fantastic just before you arrive.

Winthrop, Yirrell Beach, Kitesurfed, NE, 12-21, 13M Octane/ Mako 150, Solo.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Wake Up and Smell the Wind

Chapin Morning

I got to the beach at 7:15 because the forecast was for light, fading wind. The wind blew all day. I left the beach at 5:15. It killed me to leave when it was still windy but I had been on the water for about 6 to 7 hours. It was either waste some wind, or waste myself.

Glorious Chapin- The early morning, low tide session was as beautiful as it gets, water was deep turqiouse, silver sunbeams reflecting off the rippled surface. I worked my way as far to the left as I could go, towards the point of Sandy Neck, and played in the maze of sandbars and small waves. After a couple of hours I threaded the channels back to Chapin to meet Frank. He made the 1/2 mile trek across the main bar to join me. We had the miles of sandbars and coastline to ourselves until the rest of the world woke up and smelled the wind.

Chapin, Kitesurfed, NE, ENE, 8-26, 13M Octane/ 6' Strapless Surfboard, Mako 134, & Mako King, with Frank, Robert, Gregor, Johnny D, others.