Friday, March 20, 2009

The Lower Back- A Good Example of Bad Engineering

It's Spring and my herniated disc is in full bloom. I'm probably going to be off the water for a while. Does anyone have a healthy lower back for rent?

Who came up with the design for the lower back anyway? There are a few things I'd like to say to him.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Chasing the Peacocks Tail

Side-off wind at Hardings- Juan rides a gust

I heard a theory this week that the arts, music, literature, and sports, are tied to our evolution as a species. Does that include windsurfing, I wondered? "All cultures around the world, and throughout history, have done these activities," the theory states. "They must contribute to our evolution. How else can you explain such a universal investment of time?" They're fun? "It's like a peacocks tail. It seems useless but it serves a purpose."

So now I know why I windsurf. I'm simply answering the call of ancient, evolutionary driven, impulses. The form of expression might be new but the urge to excel at seemingly useless activities is as old as history. Blame it on our genes.

Harding's notes- Who knew that Harding's was sailable in N to NNW? Once you got out past the windline it was O.K. Juan and I had a great time doing speed runs in the gusts and seeing how close we could sail without taking each other out. He mostly had the edge in speed, I mostly had the edge in jibing right in front of him to see if he would crash into me. It was a long session, warm, sunny, very satisfying.

Windsurfed & Landsailed, Harding's, N, NNW, 10-28, 6.2/ Carve123 & Acid94, With Juan, Air Temp mid 50's.

Bottom Picture- Juan tries my modified landboard, "The Stiletto". Stay out of his way.