Saturday, September 29, 2007

Mayflower, Windsurfed, with Gerry, NNW, Mostly18-28, Mostly 4.2/RealWind 85

A good workout- The wind started at 10-20,(5.7), built to 18-28, (4.2), blew hard for 3 or 4 hours, then dropped off just before my arms did. The stronger wind kicked up the waves a little. It was almost a straight onshore wind direction, starboard out. It made for some fun sailing, but tiring. At high tide there was even a little shorebreak developing. I really appreciated the RW 85 when I switched down to it. It's so much easier than the Acid 94 for quick steering around whitewater, over whitewater, and the frequent little hops and unplanned jumps on the way out. I was surprised how quickly the waves died after the wind exited. It just goes to show that these are chop waves not swell waves. Picture- Gerry, going up.