Saturday, September 1, 2007

Mayflower, Windsurfed, N, 12-24, 5.7/Acid94

Fantastic Morning Session! Should I say that? I probably just jinxed the wind for the next month. The waves were small and mushy, onshore wind, but after an 8 month dry spell for waves, they seemed great to me. They were big enough to practice wave-riding technique. One thing that seemed to help with my turn attempts on the wave, to avoid bouncing out, was to really lean my sail to the inside of the turn. I think it helped pressure the inside rail. I guess that's pretty basic, but I seem to have to relearn it now and then. Mayflower was packed. Somebody said that they counted 45 kites in the air at one time. There were only a few of us old fashioned windsurfer types. You couldn't get a more beautiful day, sunny, dry, 70's. At low tide the ripple patterns in the sand stretched off endlessly towards the horizon, interrupted only by the occasional tidal pool. I'd like to hardwire a few mornings like this into my memory banks for when I need them.


Sailor John said...

Funny, talking to a kiter on Monday, he told me that there were 44 kites out there (add him and that's 45). I wonder if a lot of people were counting correctly or if the figure was passed around word to mouth. For some reason, Labor Day weekend attracts the biggest crouds on the north shore.