Monday, October 1, 2007

Freestyle Action from Kalmus C/O Chris Eldridge

Chris sent me these video clips taken at Kalmus on 9/25/07. Congratulations Chris, you make it look so easy! This could inspire me to try working on jump jibes and willy skippers again. It looks like Chris still has both of his ankles. From top to bottom the moves are spock, grubby, grubby 540.

Chris's lowdown on conditions and equipment- "I use the JP Freestyle 100 whenever possible for freestyle. I select the board based on the water conditions and not wind speed. For 2008 I will have the JP freestyle 90 and 99 so I can stay on the freestyle board even longer. It was a tad on the bouncy side getting over to the lagoon at lewis bay but once we got there the water was dead flat so all is well. I was on a 3.5 pryde zone which depowers very nicely and the wind was upper 30s to low 40s. Needless to say, the tricks I typically do effortlessly became much more challenging at those speeds. Once I got used to coming in that hot I was okay but it def took a while."


Sailor John said...

Good stuff. Do you have any idea as to the amount of wind he had to use? What kind of board did he have?

scooper said...

Sailor John-
Chris sent me some notes about wind, boards and sailing conditions for that day. I posted them below the videos. It was a lot windier than it looks!