Sunday, September 23, 2007

AMC weekend with Petra Kanz day 2, Windsurfed, NNW, 5-15, Barbara, Josh, Ben & AMCer's, others,

Another Great Beach Day- The wind was stronger to start the day. The early birds got the planing. Josh, Barb and Ben got out there but josh was first so he got the best wind, although he reported that it was very gusty. Ben did great tacks and jibes. I think the follow the leader exercise that we did yesterday helped him. Petra held class both on and off the water at Ninigret. The water got glassy around noon so most of us packed up a little early. Ben and I went for another swim on the ocean side before departure. It was hard to leave the beach on such a sunny, warm, beautiful day, wind or no wind.

Top picture- Ben nails a tack, Ninigret.

Bottom picture- A slacker wind chases everyone in for lunch on the beach.