Saturday, September 8, 2007

Kalmus, Windsurfed, WSW, 15-25 mostly, 5.7/RealWind85, with Josh, Gerry, others

Another beauty day! Warm & windy, no neoprene needed. Josh came along on this one. It was great to have him out on the water with me, although he didn't sail for too long. He was tired from excessive unicycling the previous day and staying up late at a friends house. He's a teenager. He seemed to have a good time anyway. I got a long session in. I think the waist harness really helped my endurance.

Top photo- Josh catches a rainbow in his sail.

Bottom photo- I almost get beached.


Sailor John said...

Well, as usual I was at the beach every day this past week. Thursday I sailed with a 9.6 in the southwest and got in some great long reaches at Cotuit. However, the chop has done a number on my knees. I visited Wood's Neck on Friday and talked with an excellent female windsurfer when she took her lunch break. Then I sailed Waquoit for the flatwater on Saturday. It just was too crowded with beginner kites and inexperienced boaters for my tastes. The wind also was rather gusty. Was it this way at Kalmus?

scooper said...

Yeah, Kalmus was pretty up and down throughout the day, although there was a nice stretch in the afternoon when it was very consistant for a couple of hours.

I've never sailed at Cotuit or Waquoit. I've looked at Waquoit on the map, thinking that it might be a good family spot for flat, shallow water sailing. What are the conditions like?

Sailor John said...

The road is dirt and filled with huge potholes that fill up after a rain. They haven't graded it in many years. However, that doesn't stop the weekend warriors from driving their SUV's and Pick-ups down to the small parking lot. A lot of beginner kiters go there to use the shallow end at the furthest south end of the bay. It can be crowded with them and powerboats. There's no control by the commonwealth so dogs are allowed to run wild along the beach, too. The Green flies offer a serious threat when in season. I often see families, but rarely do they come back.

scooper said...

O.K. Thanks for the info. I guess I won't put it on the top of my list of places to try.

PeconicPuffin said...

"I almost got beached"

I hate when that happens! A few weeks ago I misjudged how much room I had, and as the last wave began to suck back I just jumped off my board into 2 feet of water before planing into the beach. Dinged my fin pretty badly.

This was an improvement over last year, when I actually did plane into the beach. So I'm getting better, right?


scooper said...

Hey, you're definately getting better! This is how we learn.

I dinged my fin up a little too with these near-beachings. I scraped it on 2 or 3 close calls. I guess I like the excitement of cutting it close.