Sunday, October 14, 2007

Fogland, Windsurfed, NW, 10-22, 1 other, 6.2/Carve 123

Sunset session- I squeezed in a short session after Ben's Little League Fall playoff game. Ben had a good game, they won, and I had a good session, everyone's happy. I sailed in the shallows in the cove at Fogland. It's great for freestyle in a NW wind, mostly knee to waist deep. It was close to low tide. Next time I would park at the spaces at the bottom of the cove instead of driving around to the farthest point, which was a little upwind of the shallow part of the cove. This was the first day I needed my palmless mittens for my hands. Too bad. There was a beautiful sunset as I was packing up. I had that satisfied, recharged feeling that I get after a good session, even though it was only 2 hours in up and down winds. Must have been from the sunset.

Top photo- unknown windsurfer with sailboat.

Bottom photo- packing up in the sunset glow.