Saturday, October 27, 2007

West Dennis, Windsurfed, S, 15-30, a few others, RW85/ 5.7, 4.2

Sooo Good! I've noticed lately that if the last part of a session is great the whole session seems great. That happened today. Things got off to a slow start, but who cares? It ended great. The start- I spent about 1 1/2 hours driving around Chatham looking at wave access sites- The Cut, Claflin, Scatteree, and waiting for the fog to thin and the wind to thicken. No one else was on the water. I finally gave up and went to West Dennis, put a 5.7 on 85 liters and got wet. The wind was switching off and on gradually, like a light switch with a dimmer. There were weed issues, fog issues, but I'll skip that and get to the good part. The end- The last hour or so was perfect! I was on my favorite kit- 4.2 with the RealWind85 with power to spare- no light switches now. The south wind was a ball. In one run I could sail all the way from the normal launch, to the Inn, and way past it to a RV park near the far point, experiencing a variety of conditions along the way, probably about 2 or 3 miles. It was knee to shin deep in front of the launch, mid tide, for super flat water speed runs. Little chop waves were breaking in front of the Lighthouse Inn and on various sandbars on the other side for practising wave moves and jumps. I was going too fast for the weeds to get hold of my wave fin. I was easily making moves that I sometimes struggle with. Everything just felt great- equipment, wind, tuning, warmth, my arms, my brain. So what that the day started a little less than stellar. In fact, maybe that made the end seem sweeter. Start to finish, it was a very, very good session. Picture- The Cut, looking in, with fog, marginal wind, better to go elsewhere.