Saturday, October 20, 2007

Kalmus, Windsurfed, WSW, 18-28, with others, 5.7/RW 85

Egg Island- Another sunset session, this time at Kalmus. It was pretty nice- well downhauled 5.7 with 85 liters, a little overpowered sometimes, a little underpowered sometimes. I sailed at, “egg island”, with the freestylers for awhile. That’s the flat water run that’s across the channel and just downwind of the little sand spit that sticks out from the other side in Lewis Bay. The wind was surprisingly clean coming across the sand spit. The water had the tiniest of ripples that made a fast washboard rhythm with the board. I felt like a beginner compared to those guys whipping off spocks etc. I guess that makes me the egg. I was working on my flat water jumps. I could get the board off the water but just barely. I'm not sure how to get more height without a ramp. Anyway, it was fun to try a new spot at an old familiar launch.