Sunday, October 7, 2007

Block Island with AMC, Crescent Beach, Windsurfed, with Tony & 1 other, NE 10-28?, Acid94/ 6.2

Rest Day, Saturday- The first day of our mini-vacation was a warm, light wind, heavy fog, biking, fishing, boating, playing on the beach kind of day. Kaz and Bob, from the AMC crew, got planing with sails in the 7.5 to 8 range but I held out for a better forecast on Sunday.

Wave Day, Sunday- The wind went from 5 to 25 in about 60 seconds. Tony and I had a great morning session in the suddenly fresh winds in front of the Surf Hotel. The water had been glassy smooth, but nice, although small, waves formed in just a few hours. Even in the sudden onset winds, the waves were nicer shaped here than at Chapin/ Mayflower. They are more of a surfing wave like Deep Hole, Horseneck, or The Cut. The wind was pretty up and down, with some light stretches, so I stayed on the Acid 94 and 6.2 for the slogs. The meter posted 15 to 30 for wind but I don't think it was that much. I'm sure my arms would have been creaking in their sockets with a 6.2 in 30. I did have to move my harness lines back at first, a sign that I was in the upper range of my sail in the gusts, although I didn't really feel overpowered. Picture- Tony, carving like a Ginsu knife, on the outside at Crescent Beach.