Thursday, July 4, 2013

Poor Man's Carribean

Beautiful day! I get high on the turquiose water around Monomoy. The flats, the New Cut, it all looks like a kiter's dreamscape. It's the Carribean of the northern USA.

It doesn't compare with Brazil though.

Hardings to flats and New Cut, Kitesurfed, SW, 12-21, Kahoona13.5 & Rally10/ Mako 150, with lotsa friends.


Bradford Cranston said...

At its best, Hardings tops Brazil in my book.

How'd you get your camera out there?

scooper said...

I put my camera in a dry bag on my back, double bagged, self landed on the flats and took some pics. I'm surprised you say that about Hardings vs Brazil! No one's stuffing bananas down there pants at Hardings.