Saturday, July 20, 2013

Happy with What You Have to be Happy With

Thursday Night- Josh's 4th kite session. High tide, chop, light wind, lots of swimmers- Revere is not user friendly. Josh tries to ride upwind but the wind just falls out. When are we going to get good beginner conditions?! Revere, 8-15 MPH, SE, 17M kite, Mako King. 

Saturday- Not today. Way gusty. The gusts have gusts. Josh does 1 run and gets off the kite. It's even too snotty to get Paige and Darren on the trainer. They man the SUP, Josh windsurfs, I kite, I windsurf. Everyone's happy. I hope. Waq Bay, 10-30MPH, SW, 8M kite/Mako King, 4.2 sail/ Acid 94.

Windsurfing- Hey, this is fun! I'd totally forgotten how great it feels to let it rip on a small sail, strong wind. It feels like I'm just flying across the water! It's also fun to kite while Josh windsurfs. I wonder if I can kite right up to Josh and jump onto his windsurfing board, ride along. That would be fun! If we lived through it.

Thanks to Darren for manning the camera!