Saturday, July 13, 2013

Teach Your Family to Kite Week

Who knew that this would be so enjoyble?! Teaching your sons to kite. And your son's girlfriend. I try to get my brother and my wife on a trainer kite too, but the kite police in Essex Bay make us land the kite. Baby plovers are napping in the neighborhood.

Watching everybody get their first rides is a great feeling! About as much fun as riding myself. I love it. Riding with them is going to be really special. Until they get better than me. Then I'll have to go back to windsurfing.

7/6- Ben- Saturday. Ben's first time flying a real kite! Bodydrag lesson, wind dies. 10M, Long Beach, Stratford, Connecticut trip.

7/8- Josh- Monday evening. Josh's second time with a kite, bodydrag practise, first time getting on a board! Wind dies late. 10M, Revere.

7/10- Ben & Josh- Wednesday evening. Ben's first time getting on a board! 14M. Josh gets on a board but wind is too light for the 10M. SSW, 5-15 MPH, Revere.

7/12- Josh & Paige- Friday evening. Paige's first time on a trainer kite. Josh is up and riding with 17M. There's barely enough wind for Josh, even on such a big kite. NE, 5-15 MPH, Revere.

7/13- Saturday. We boat, in Al's boat, into Essex Bay, inside of Cranes Beach. Put up the trainer kite for Al, Barbara, and Paige. We get shut down by a ranger on a 4x4. No kites during plover season. The Plovers own this beach.

What a week!


Dunoyer said...

I love your napping plovers comment

scooper said...

@Dunoyer- Hey, we've had babies napping. We know what it's like to have them woken up by a kite flying over. I think we can be very sympathetic to the poor mother Plovers plight.

Chong said...

This is fantastic!