Sunday, June 30, 2013

A Chip off the ol' Blockhead

Josh and I are both excited to get on windsurfing boards again! No kitesurfing for me this time. We go to Kalmus, where kites aren't even allowed. A tiny little voice in my head wonders if I'll regret that.

We rig. We hit the water. We slog. Hey, I'd forgotten that this is one of the pleasures of windsurfing. You can do it in non-planing conditions. But then we can't. Not even enough wind for that.

The wind goes up and down. Light rain spits off and on. There's enough wind to plane and jump with a kite, but I'm not thinking about that cause this is a windsurfing trip.

Then I notice that the lifeguards are gone. Bring out the kites! I put Josh on the 3.6 trainer kite, first time. He loves it! I put him on a 10M kite in the water, no board. He really loves it!

Finally, I take a few marginal runs on the 10M kite while Josh somewhat-planes on a windsurfer. If I had planned to kite, I would have pumped my 17 and had plenty of power but this is a windsurfing trip, no kiting. We pack up in a brief downpour.

Driving home, Josh and I rattle on about what a good day we had. We squeezed all the adventure we could out of a grey, rainy, light wind day. The best part was seeing Josh's excitement for kiting. It reminds me of me. That's not a good sign for Josh's future.

Kalmus, Windsurfed/Kitesurfed, SSW, 5-18, 5.7/Acid94, 10M Rally/6' Surfboard, with Josh, Martin, Peter, others.

Picture- Josh reaches warp speed on a Windsurfer, almost.