Saturday, July 27, 2013

New Cut- High Tide is for Sharks

Beautiful day! I'm at the New Cut. Some Great Whites were spotted near here recently so of course I'm not going to the outside. No way am I going to the outside. Definitely not.

Sam goes to the outside. Now I have to go. I have no choice. You have to watch your kite buddies back. Otherwise they'll get good waves and you'll be sad.

But it's not good. High tide, deep water, tiny waves, the sandbars that create an illusion of safety aren't shallow enough. We hightail it outta there. It's better to live to kite another day.

Shark bait. The wave in the background is where the sandbar is at low tide.

Hardings, Kitesurfed, SW, SSW, 12-20, 12M Rally/Flx 138, with Frank, Sam, Andrey, Colleen.


drysuit2 said...

Oh well

Dunoyer said...

I have a suspicion that you may have gotten your dates wrong. For a blue sky like, it had to have been Saturday, not Sunday.

scooper said...

Jean- Yes, thanks for noticing!