Sunday, August 26, 2012

Fat Lady days of Summer

The forecast for wind this weekend looked disgusting, nothing over 10 MPH anywhere, anytime.  So I loaded lots of alternative gear in my truck, big surfboard, SUP, unicycle, kitesurfing magazine, and I lowered my expectations for kiting.

Then I went kiting.  I rode the Fat Lady/ Mako King for a sunset session in Buzzards Bay on Sat.

On Sunday, another sunset session, Yirrell Beach, Fat Lady/ 6' surfboard. I downwinded to Winthrop Beach and back.

Summer winds are often light and fickle but the post sessions are the best. Drip drying in a bathing suit in the warm Summer wind, watching the sunset blend into twilight, lazily packing up my gear, no chattering teeth.

Buzzards Bay, Kitesurfed, ENE, 9-17, 17M Fat Lady/ Mako King, Solo.
Yirrell Beach, Kitesurfed, E, ESE, 8-17, 17M Fat Lady/ 6' Surfboard, with Stoke.