Friday, August 17, 2012


Pleasure Bay- I'm upwind of everybody, right near the wall, trying to stay out of the way of the good guys.

I'm doing your basic, garden variety back roll when my foot slips out of the strap. Darn, I think, I always forget to tighten my straps when I switch to smaller booties. I reach down and push the board off.

As I hit the water my kite is about to crash cause of my sloppy one handed flying.  So I pull the bar hard and I'm happy to see the kite go back up.

Then it comes back down. Then up. Did you ever notice that when you're in the water and you pull one end of the bar hard it can get hooked behind the depower rope and locked into loop mode?  I notice.

My kite is locked in death spirals, spinning through the power zone as fast as it's little legs will take it, and I'm teabagging straight downwind through the high traffic area.  I decide not to panic and to think carefully about my situation.  I have my mouth open, like a humpback whale straining all the water in the bay.  After careful consideration, I decide to close my mouth.

There is no way I can untangle my bar while I'm being jerked across the water like a marionette so I try to crash my kite to stop the loops.  I take a minute to marvel at how special this moment is, to be trying to crash my kite, on purpose, and I can't.  I enjoy the irony of my situation.

Then I discover that if I pull the bar hard enough, I can spin my kite down into the water. Yay, I've crashed my kite.

Such fun!  I have about 100 twists in my lines to unspin. I make the long body drag back to the beach. 2 onlookers walk up with my board a little while after I'm back. Thanks guys.

Kooking out at Pleasure Bay makes a strong impression.  I think people will take notice and maybe I'll make some new friends. Like the guys that brought my board back for instance. My current friends will act like they've never seen me before but I know that won't last. This sport is great!

P-Bay, Kitesurfed, 12-23, SSW, 14M Rally/ Flx 138, with Nick, Kristof, Dunoyer, George, Others.