Thursday, August 9, 2012

Yirrell to Revere

I don't realize how tired I am until I launch at Yirrell Beach. My legs feel shaky. My arms feel stiff.  I've kited or biked every day of this vacation week so far. I decide I had better take it easy today.

I do a few runs, then head downwind to Revere, stopping to play at the 5 sisters pools and at the Revere breakwater. I'm taking it easy. Sort of.

There's a big crowd at Revere and the wind is great. I notice that my arms and legs haven't fallen off yet. I have a long session with lots of jumps and crashes.  I'll take it easy tomorrow.

Yirrell to Revere, Downwinder, ESE, SE, 15-22, 14M Rally/ Flx138.

Picture- Leo? at Yirrell Beach.

Thanks for the ride back to my truck Frank!