Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Fat Lady with a Mad Cow

Yirrell Beach- This is extreme kiting.  Extremely stupid.  I'm on my biggest kite, The Fat Lady, on my biggest board, The Mad Cow, and I'm barely moving.  I have no power to jump.

So I decide that, if all I can do is cruise, I might as well cruise to somewhere.

Skinny Lady with a Mad Cow
I slowly work my way upwind, using the occasional gust, to the point. I round the point and think about heading to Winthrop Beach, which is downwind in this wind direction.

I'm wondering if the wind will last long enough to make it worth the trip when the wind dies. Those fist size rocks at the point are painful to walk across.

I take my time packing up.  As I'm leaving, I notice that the flag in Winthrop Harbor is blowing from the SW. Oh. Wind shift.

Pleasure Bay- I stop at P Bay on the way home. It's getting kinda late but the water is soo smooth.  I ignore any misgivings about the diminishing light and pump up The Fat Lady. The sun is just dissapearing over the horizon when I launch on my Flx 138.

Ahhh, I have enough wind to jump and rotate. Feels so good.

The water just behind the rock wall is as shiny as black glass.  On my return run I'm heading into a spectacular sunset that reflects off the water like an impressionistic painting, broken only by small ripples spreading out from my previous run. Beautiful.

I kite for an hour, stopping before it's too dark to see my kite to land it. I'm so glad that I took the chance on this sunset session. I enjoy the warm night air as I pack up my gear.

Sometimes the wind makes fools of us puny kitesurfers.  Sometimes not.

Yirrell Beach, Kitesurfed, ESE, 8-14, 17M Fat Lady/ Mad Cow, Solo.
Pleasure Bay, Kitesurfed, SSW, 10-17, 17M Fat Lady/ Flx 138, Solo. 


Kitermike said...

I love that when I myself cannot kite I can live vicariously through friends like you Steve!

scooper said...

Hey Mike, I wish you could have been out there too, (not when the wind died though), but I'm glad if reading about it helps scratch the itch a tiny bit.