Sunday, June 24, 2012

Allow Kiteboarding

I spent a few minutes, this morning, hanging out at the First Encounter Beach demonstration. I was trying to look like a respectable citizen and not the degenerate beach bum that I am at heart. Keeping Cape beaches open to kiting is a good cause.  I'm just not sure whether my presence advanced it or set it back.

The wind rewarded me in the afternoon for my brief stint as sidewalk protester. I probably didn't deserved it but it made me happy.

Kitesurfed, Buzzards Bay, SW, SSW, S, 12M Varial/Flx 138, with Brad, Patrick, Murphy, Tom, Chuck.

Video by Dunoyer


Dunoyer said...

I hope you all get arrested

scooper said...

Jean- Don't say that! It might happen. We're guilty of an excessive pursuit of happiness.

Dunoyer said...

you've got subversive written all over you.

Dunoyer said...

You should post my video from that day on your blog. As well as the Martha's Vineyard 2011, which you starred in, close up deflating tires!