Saturday, June 9, 2012

Newburyport Harbor

I found wind today! Gusty, shifty wind, in Newburyport Harbor, but good enough for a fix.  Gusts to low 20's.   I expected nothing, launched my 17M, wished I had pumped my 14M.  That's just one of coy wind's many charms.  She loves to keep us guessing.

Newburyport Harbor- 2 hours before low tide to 1 hour after. Lots of mud flats and sand bars to kite around, over and into. I was mostly in waist to ankle deep water. An occasional low rock hiding here and there. No dreamy slicks but a few flat water spots at low tide. Strong current in channels.

Parking- Dirt parking lot on north end of Plum Island sound side, $5, nice smelly bathrooms, no walk, sandy beach big enough for self landing and launching at mid to low tide. 

Plum Island- Newburyport Harbor, Kitesurfed, WNW, NW, 6-23, 17M Zephyr/Mako King, Solo.