Sunday, June 17, 2012

Teaser's Day

Revere- Light, teaser winds for Father's Day. Stupid me.  I forgot to bring my Mad Cow.  The wind was O.K. for those with the right gear, (only Frank & Chris).  My right gear was sitting at home on a rack.  It's tough getting old and senile.  

Kitesurfed, Revere, E, ESE, patchy 6-16, 14M Rally/Mako King & 6' Surfboard, with Igor, Frank, Andre, Colleen, Mike, Stoke, Chris, Kristof, Fred, Dillon, others. 

Picture- Frank, lines, no whitecaps. 

Click on pic to see full size


Chriz said...

pshaw.... I was fully powered! You should have brought the mad cow, I would love to see this work of art!

scooper said...

Chriz- it almost sounds like you're asking for light wind. There's a law against that you know.