Sunday, July 1, 2012

Bread and Tall Ships

Man cannot live on kitesurfing alone. He also needs to view the Tall Ships in Boston. That's what Barbara and I did yesterday. I was good. I didn't think about kiting once. Even though it was windy. Very windy.

The majesty of the graceful ships was enough to keep my mind from wandering. The thing I liked most about the ships was that each square rigged sail looked a little bit like a kite tied onto the boom. But I didn't think about kiting once.

Dog Beach- I got out at Dog to fly my square rigged kite today. Dog was it's usual gusty, shifty self, maybe a little more so. During the lulls we all lounged in the shallows,(except for Flysurfer Chris), kites drifting sleepily, like wind up toys that had run down. Then we came alive when the wind switched on, jumping, hooting, and hollering like a 16 year old who had just got his learners permit. It was pretty fun!

Sweet 16- Happy birthday Ben and congrats on getting your learner's permit! Everyone is advised to stay off the roads in Newton for awhile.

Dog Beach, Kitesurfed, W, WNW, W, WSW, SW, 10-23, 14M Rally/ FLX 138, with Stoke, Chris, Frank, Mike, Ytzen, Others.