Sunday, June 3, 2012

Kiting Egypt

Brad and I tried Egypt Beach in Scituate for some clean wind and waviness in a NW wind.  The beach is open to out of towners.  The parking lot is not.  Even on a wild, stormy, ugly day.  "We ticket 365 days a year", the very nice police officer said. We parked elsewhere and walked in.

It was a wild, stormy, beautiful day. I love days like this!  It just feels like something exciting is going to happen.  And it did. I've got the tired muscles to prove it.

Egypt Beach- A high crest of fist size rocks and pebbles with a sand and gravel beach below that disappears at high tide. Mid to low tide has best waves and launch conditions. A somewhat intimidating looking spot but nice wind and waves, (which is very elusive in NW around Boston). 2 surfers were out but there was plenty of room for all.

Pictures- Brad shows how it's done.

Kitesurfed, Egypt Beach, NNW, 17-33, 10M Rally/ Mako 150, with Brad.


Dunoyer said...

Nice looking spot. Too bad the cop has to be such a douche.

scooper said...

Yeah, it's a spot I want to go back to. Rumor is that you can park on nearby residential streets and walk in. Let me know if you want to go sometime. Better with company. I didn't really like the beach for self launching.

Dunoyer said...

Here's what happens at Egypt Beach when the wind is calm...