Saturday, October 8, 2011


TD8 scene, Picture taken by Kristof

Summertime made a guest appearence at Phil's/Cabrinha/Masskiting's ThrowDown8 kite bash. It brought near record breaking sunshine, kiters without wetsuits, families with little kiters running around being cute, diaper bags left in the parking lot. It also brought Summer doldrum winds.

No matter. W Dennis had the biggest crowd of hopeful kiters ever seen pumping up kites in marginal conditions. The people with the biggest kites had the biggest smiles, but everyone seemed to be in don't-worry-be-happy mode. I had a pretty big smile.

A lot of gear never got on the water. I should have shared my 17M kite more and spread the love around but luckily this didn't occur to me until after the wind had died.

Then there was the pahhty, swag raffle, and unbelievable dinner at How-U-Doin's camp- oysters on the half shell, melt in your mouth marinated swordfish loins fresh off KiterMike's boat. Gourmet dining for 30. I just wish I could have stayed overnight to have some left over swordfish for breakfast.

Marginal wind, good friends, good laughs, great eats, good times!

West Dennis, Kitesurfed, WSW, SW, 8-15, 17M Zephyre/ Mako King & Frankenstein surfboard, with Masskiting & others.


Dunoyer said...

You Zephyr hog! Hey I put extra fins on my Mako so now the tail has a thruster fin set up. Can't wait to try it in the waves. Can't partake this weekend though coz I have a parade of visitors from out of town.

scooper said...

I'd like to hear how that fin set up works for you.

Thanks for not kiting this weekend. I was wondering why the forecast looks so windy.

Dunoyer said...

The thruster set up is great, I don't spin out anymore.

scooper said...

Damn, now I've got to be jealous. It might be awhile before I'm crankin turns fast enough to spin out though.