Sunday, October 2, 2011

Kites, Horses, and Pterodactyls

Brad, Tom and I went to Crane's Beach, asked if we could launch our kites. They said no, it's against the rules to launch anything.

So we went to Pavillion Beach, in Plum Island Sound, where there's nobody to say nothing bout nothing.

Picture- Pavilion Beach looking towards the tip of Plum Island. Click on pic to see large.

Pavillion Beach- This area is on the wild side- big tidal flow, moored boats, mud, gravel, rocks, razor clams, voodoo chop, waves, slicks. All the ingredients of a good adventure.

It was gusty in close but cleaned up as we kited out of the sound into the ocean. We kited to the tip of Plum Island and over to a nice sand bar outside of Cranes Beach. We were satisfying our novelty seeking needs.

Tom's footstrap came apart so he landed on Crane's to fix it. I landed to make sure he was O.K. More kiters were there,("rules, what rules?"). I noticed some nice mounds of fresh horse manure waiting to fertilize any unsuspecting kites.

Tom started to relaunch but was met with disapproval from 2 horses with riders nearby. It was like someone had shot a gun in a wild west movie spooking the beasts. The riders struggled to turn them around and maintain control. Tom lowered the kite and shouted out an apology but who knew? Horses think kites are pterodactyls coming to eat them.

We eventually made our way back to Pavillion. We heard later that the kiters that had launched from Cranes were told to leave. Horses and kites mix like fireworks and fire, and the fireworks were there first.

Overall it was a good session. Horses and Pterodactles aren't what I had expected but you can't choose your adventure. Your adventure chooses you.

Pavillion Beach, Kitesurfed, NNE, 15-28 plus, 13M Octane/Mako 150, with Tom, Brad, Dillon, Joe, Paul, Skipper.


Dunoyer said...

so Pavillion a decent place to launch? I remember windsurfing there decades ago

scooper said...

Dunoyer- We had mixed feelings on it. Brad seemed to like it, although he had to walk, then swim across a channel to get back when the wind died. Dillon thought it was a little sketchy. I think Tom and I both questioned going there again in NE because of gustiness. I'd like to try it in E or N for cleaner wind. It could also be a great spot for starting or ending downwinders. I'd like to try launching directly from the tip of Plum Island in NE for cleaner wind. Def more fun at low tide. I heard you had a good session at Yirrel.

Dunoyer said...

Yeah southern tip of Plum is a spot I've been eyeing for a while