Monday, October 10, 2011

Sand Spit

Sand Spit

I boated out to the Sand Spit in Scituate for a Summer kinda session. Wind, warmth, and sunnyiness were just like Sat at TD8.

I love this spot! It could have something to do, maybe, with needing a boat to get here. Like the harder you have to work to relax and have fun, the better the relaxing and having fun. Or maybe not.

How much work? I set up the inflatable, load kite gear, boat out, unload gear, realize I forgot my pump, jump up and down and curse like a 52 year old, reload gear, boat in, boat out, pump up.

I did get a little time to kite though, so I was happy. Really happy. After all that work I had better be.

Sand Spit, Kitesurfed, NW, 8-16, 17M Zephyr/ Mako King, Solo.