Sunday, October 16, 2011

Carving through silver

Four of us pumped up our kites around the same time at Pee-Bay. This exerted a strange gravitational pull on the wind. It shifted it from nice SW to dirty rotten WSW. Four of us deflated our kites around the same time.

"Looks good" Frank says about the wind when we arrive at Hardings. It looks a little intimidating- strong wind, water is gun metal grey with white foam, chop rolling in, some shorebreak. "Looks good", I say.


It takes me awhile to get comfortable out there. The chop is fun to play with once I loosen up. I imagine I'm carving up a real wave. My new 10M is maxed out by the end. It's my first time using it. Sand is blowing down the beach when I land my kite.

Frank and I agree that we both should have been on 7M kites, at least by the end. No one uses the word fear. This is guy talk. We talk about intensity. I feel a sense of accomplishment. "Great session!", I say as Frank is saying goodbye. "Yeah, great session!", Frank says.

Kitesurfed, Hardings, WSW, W, 21-36, 10M Rally/Mako 150, with Frank, Others.

Frank, carving through silver


Dunoyer said...

f$%^ me, a ten?!?!?!? I got throttled on the 9 at Hardings as the video shows, rigged down to a 7 and Hardings is always windier, holy crap!?!? You musta been a little scared.

Dunoyer said...

I mean at Horseneck

scooper said...

Yeah, My first time on my new Rally 10M. Yoo hoo! The only other guy left on the water was on a 7. I shoulda rigged down but I didn't want to get off my new baby.

Still, I wish I had gone to Horsey. Luv your video.

Dunoyer said...

What's your 7?

scooper said...

My 7 is a leaky old Bularoo.