Saturday, October 29, 2011

Happiness Loves Company

Nice Nor'Easter! It started out with sun and clouds, enough wind for my 10M, ended with driving rain, howling wind. I was happy.

I was dressed for 31F, temp was 41F. I was toasty.

Boat pulled above the Astronomical high tide mark

Just when I was thinking that the only thing missing was a little company, I looked up and saw another kite appear out of nowhere. What the!!? Where did you come from? Is this some ghostly apparition fashioned out of salt spray and fairy dust? Nope, it was Brad, kiting down from Peggoty Beach, about 1 mile slightly upwind.

Two local dudes came out after that for an abundance of company. I was happy, toasty, and at a kiting convention. We were hooting it up. Happiness loves company.

Still low tide, lots of room for self launch

Astronomical High Tide- The entire salt marsh was covered and kitable. There was still enough pebbly beach left for self launch/land now that the Plover fence is gone for Winter.

Sand Spit, Kitesurfed, E, ENE, 14-31, 10M Rally/Mako150, with Brad, John, Eric.


Dunoyer said...

you seem rather circumspect about where this is. But Google helped me figure out it was Scituate. So you have boat assist now? Getting fancy! Nahant was pretty rowdy Saturday but today was HUGE at Wingaersheek.

scooper said...

Actually, I've posted about The Sand Spit a few times now, even mentioning what boat ramp I use to get there. It's all under Sand Spit on "posts by locations" menu. Still, I hope we don't get a big crew descending on it. I wouldn't want to be responsible for screwing it up for everyone by blogging about it. Maybe the difficult access will keep it off the larger radar. Let me know if you want to boat out with me and try it. I still want to try the mouth of Plymouth harbor in NE/low tide. Winger sounds like it was intense!

Dunoyer said...

I love the idea of exploring new locales with you.