Sunday, November 28, 2010

Poor Judge of Character

I seemed to be a poor judge judge of wind today. I went to 2 different spots, put up 2 different sets of gear, but couldn't get it right. The wind looked good but I shlogged both times. I thought that I was losing my grip on reality such as it is. I finally gave up and went for a stand up paddle thru Center Street Marsh and Bass Hole.

I checked the meter when I got home. It showed that each time, just about when I got my kite up, the wind dropped by 10 MPH. It's Mama Nature's favorite joke.

Mayflower & Chapin, Kitersurfed, Skunky, with Frank, Jamie.

Bass Hole & Center St. Marsh, SUP.

Picture- Jamie slow dancing with his kite.


George Markopoulos said...

i know the feeling, its all part of the game

scooper said...

Yeah, it's all part of the game. My least favorite part. I guess the wind toys with us all sometimes.