Saturday, December 4, 2010

Who Needs Wind?

First Encounter's maze of sand bars and streams lit up by the sunset

The wind started light, then got really light. I kept trading up for bigger gear. It was a shock to my system when I switched from my smallest, most maneuverable board, (surf 148x40), to my biggest, (Mad Cow 180x60). It felt like I needed a rudder to turn that big aircraft carrier but it seemed like magic how it floated me through the lulls.

Ozone Zephyr 17M LEI vs Flysurfer Speed2 15M Foil- 8-12 MPH seems to be the bottom end of the Zephyr. I really had to work it to generate power, not always successfully. I got a lot of practise relaunching. Deep water relaunch in 8-12 is a no go. I think My 15M Flysurfer has more grunt and easier relaunch (unless I collapse it). When I pull the front lines on my Flysurfer, I can hot launch it in almost no wind. The Zephyr turns faster. And did I say that the Zephyr doesn't collapse like a foil kite can? It doesn't collapse.

Happy Day- It was a surprisingly satisfying day, not sure why. Maybe it was the long sessions, good crew, beautiful beach, exercise, sunshine. Who needs wind?

First Encounter, Kitesurfed, WNW, 11-21, 8-12, 12M Royal/Surf 148, 12M Royal/ Mad Cow, 17M Zephyr/ Mad Cow, with Frank, Sammy, Andre, Colleen, Gregor, others.


Ron C. said...

who needs wind is right. Although not my best day of surfing, warm, motivated and no family "chores" kept me in the water 'till almost 4:45! - across town at Nauset. Still feel'n the glow 3 days lated.


Ron C. said...

"later" that is


scooper said...

Ron- I heard a rumor that the surf was good on Sat! You were probably cruising faster than I was in the light winds. I can feel your glow.