Saturday, November 20, 2010

Bring it all

I bring it all- windsurfing gear, kiting gear, landboard, extension ladder

I wanted to go to Horseneck with Jean to get a good pounding in the waves but I was supposed to meet someone at First Encounter to look at a kite. The friend with the kite never showed. I found out later that he went to Horseneck.

Well I had a nice session at FE anyway! I was getting sand blasted in the parking lot when I first got there. I did a few runs on a windsurfer, 3.5 sail on 85 liters, but the wind dropped as soon as I got on the water so I switched to a kite and launched at Hatch where there was more beach and less pavement. High tide had some jumpable chop and when the tide let out there were some nice slicks in between the sand bars. It's a fun spot but a long drive.

First Encounter, Kitesurfed, WSW, 15-30, 10M Bularoo/Surf 148, with Kristoff, Des, others.