Sunday, November 7, 2010

Wave Lesson # 1

Never drop your kite in the waves- I edged a little too hard in the waves and my board slipped out. I went up and my kite went down. This is what the waves were waiting for. They ate my lines. I felt my bar go slack and watched in disbelief as my kite drifted away across the wind blown whitewater, in slow motion. "What did I do to deserve this?!" I thought.

Hungry Waves at Mayflower

Jason kited to it, like superman flying to the rescue, grabbed it just before it hit the dunes and houses. His girlfriend ran down the beach and held it until I was spit out onto the beach by the mushy waves. Flo was there too, swimming out to help me. It's nice to kite with friends! Some I hadn't even met until now.

2 bridle lines had snapped and 2 flying line were dangling from the kite where they had snapped. The lines remaining on my bar were a wild frizzy mess. I was pretty pissed that I couldn't go back out.

Flo's smallest kite was a 9M. He was grounded too. So we hit Plymouth on the way home for a flat water session on bigger kites, lighter wind. We got to kite into a fantastic sunset! The smooth water felt good. I had fed the waves enough for one day.

Mayflower, Kitesurfed, N, NNE, 20-35, 7M kite/Surf 148, with Flo, Frank, Jamie, Phil, Junior, Jason, others.
Plymouth-Nelson St, Kitesurfed, N, 10-25, 12M Varial Kite/Surf 148, with Flo, Air Temp 45 F.

Update- My kite did hit the dunes. Over 40 holes were patched by Rodrigo.


James Douglass said...

Lesson #2 - Windsurfing... ;)

scooper said...

James- Lately I've been breaking my kite gear to support the local kite shops. When I'm sure that all the kite shops have made a good profit I'll go back to breaking windsurfing gear to support the local windsurfing shops.

Welcome to warm, sunny Boston.