Saturday, November 13, 2010

Does Your Mind Wander During Sex?

Not if you're doing it right. Same thing with kiting, (and windsurfing, surfing, skiing, unicycling, playing soccer...). All of these activities demand your full attention.

A new study says-
-Our minds wander about 50% of the time.
-People are happier when their minds aren't wandering.
-The only activity in which no mind wandering occured for the subjects was sex.

I'll bet none of the subjects in the study were kitesurfers. If your mind wanders when you're kiting your screwed. Same as sex. Although with sex you're screwed either way. Is your mind wandering right now? Go have sex, (or kitesurf, windsurf, surf, ski, unicycle, play soccer).

Light Winds- I had a nice light wind session with Igor but I ripped a strap out of my Mad Cow on a bad landing. It's always something.

Chapin, Kitesurfed, NNE, 4-12, then 8-18, 15M Flysurfer/Mad Cow, with Igor, Andre, Colleen, Jeff, others.