Saturday, February 6, 2010

Ski Day

Josh and I got a 1/2 day on the slopes, pretty nice.

He was pushing his limits a little, hitting top speed on his blade skis, then skiing backwards and doing multiple pirouettes at those speeds. It pushed my limits too, as a father, to ski behind him and watch him flying down the mountain backwards without constantly visualizing him crashing. Where does he get this risk taking behavior from?!

It was a lot of fun though, once I relaxed. His 1 crash didn't seem to cause any serious damage.

Skied, Loon Mtn, with Josh.

Picture- Josh models his blades.


Davide Giardini said...

Hi Scooper!
Going kiting this weekend?!

scooper said...

Hey Davide, welcome back! I got too jealous reading your blog about Oahu. I couldn't take it anymore, had to not look at it. Now you're back with us ice sculptures.

I'll be at Chapin on Sunday with a few guys, if it's windy and NW enough. Hope to see you.