Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sunny Day at Mayflower

Greg, Den, climbing the snow bank

There was a lot of snow on the Cape today. Chapin was locked in with pack ice so the kiting crowd went to Mayflower.

My 12 M kite is still awaiting a new main bladder after a crash in beach grass 2 weeks ago. I was pretty dissapointed to arrive to light winds. But no worries, this was demo day from Air Support! Jay and Greg sent me out on a great 12 M kite and a board that actually has rocker. I told Jay I hadn't been in rough water and would lose his board and float to provincetown but he just pointed to his jet ski, awaiting rescues, and told me to shut up and kite. So I did.

The mini waves & chop were tiring for my legs and sore knee but otherwise were fun and not nearly as hard as I expected. That board just seemed to eat up the rough water. I couldn't believe it. A little rocker makes a big difference! Now I've got to make another board or 2.

I also loved the Vario kite by Airush! It had butter light bar pressure and was very responsive, really fun to fly, and confidence building.

Jay & others

Mayflower, Kitesurfed, W 12-16 start, 15-22 end, 12 M Vario/ Slingshot Misfit136, Greg, Jay, Den, Others.