Saturday, February 27, 2010

Skunk & Skunk

I went to 2 beaches, flew 2 kites, still got skunked. It was a perfect wind for my 15M foil but that's out for repairs. We can expect light winds until I get my big rig back. Then it's going to blow like there's no tomorrow.

The gate to Waq Bay was closed so we went to a resident's only beach, South Cape Beach. That'll teach em.

Kalmus- had enough wind to fly my 10M kite, barely, not enough to waterstart.

South Cape Beach, Kitesurfed, 8-12, SSW, 12M (leaky) kite/ 152 Ply Board, Frank, Sammy, Andre, Colleen.

Kalmus, Kitesurf attempt, 8-14, SSW, 10M (not leaky) kite/ 152 Ply Board, Solo.